• Stability diagram of atomic quantum Kapitza pendulum.
  • Quasiperiodic Fibonacci potential.
  • Spin dynamics in a spinor BEC.

California Institute for Quantum Entanglement

The California Institute for Quantum Entanglement (CAIQuE) is a UC-wide multidisciplinary research center focused on new experimental and theoretical approaches to complex quantum phenomena.  CAIQuE brings together researchers from numerous UC campuses, with ties to other leading California institutions, with a joint focus on driving advances in research, education, and training in the fast-growing field of quantum science.

CAIQuE was until recently the California Institute for Quantum Emulation; the 2019 name change indicates the growth in scope of our expanded institute. The current scientific focus of CAIQuE is on three interrelated topics: nonequilibrium quantum dynamics, many-body quantum techniques for precision measurement, and next-generation technologies for quantum emulation.  

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