• Stability diagram of atomic quantum Kapitza pendulum.
  • Quasiperiodic Fibonacci potential.
  • Spin dynamics in a spinor BEC.

California Institute for Quantum Emulation

The California Institute for Quantum Emulation (CAIQuE) is a UC-wide multidisciplinary research center focused on new experimental and theoretical approaches to complex quantum phenomena.  CAIQuE brings together researchers from five UC campuses with a joint focus on driving advances in research, education, and training in the fast-growing field of quantum emulation.

Quantum emulation seeks to apply the precision and control of atomic physics to important open questions on the many-body quantum mechanics of materials. The approach is to use well-controlled atomic samples to build tiny, high-fidelity physical emulators of quantum materials. Such emulators are especially useful for the study of quantum-correlated many-body systems, where theoretical and numerical understanding is limited.  The initial scientific focus of CAIQuE is on two interrelated topics: nonequilibrium quantum systems and topological bands.  

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