IQE Collaboration Meeting

The second major collaboration meeting of the California Institute for Quantum Emulation will bring together UC researchers at UC Santa Barbara to discuss scientific and strategic opportunities for the IQE and pursue a joint focus on driving advances in quantum emulation.  The IQE is a UC-wide multidisciplinary research center focused on new experimental and theoretical approaches to complex quantum phenomena.  The initial scientific focus of the institute is on two interrelated topics: nonequilibrium quantum systems and topological bands. 

Registration will take place at the entrance lobby of Elings Hall.  The meeting will take place in Room 1601, Elings Hall.  Lunch and refreshment sessions will be held in the lobby adjacent to the meeting room (or possibly on the beach).

Schedule Overview (preliminary-- suggestions welcome)

Time Description
9:00 Intro / Welcome
9:15 Research discussion
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 MRPI proposal development
12:00 Lunch (Beach BBQ)
1:30 Funding the IQE
3:00 Collaboration planning session
4:00 Collaborative sidebars 
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